· A.Brain has Initiated China manufacturing lean management. And became a professional organization as now for promoting Chinese manufacturing innovation and international perspective.
· The development mission of A.Brain is: leading and accompanying China manufacturing to China.

In 2000, it is China's first consulting company that introduced lean management into China's manufacturing industry, which started the process of lean management in China's manufacturing industry. It is the first enterprise management technology company in China, which is from lean production to lean management to lean digital operation. After years of practice summary and refinement, the company has a mature and independent intellectual property of the lean management full value chain methodology system, also known as the A.Brain model.

The company has a knowledge center, Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute, and lean management college. It is the sponsor of China Manufacturing International Forum and manufacturing international alliance, and has successfully held 16 China Manufacturing International Forum (MIF), accumulating a large number of domestic and foreign manufacturing enterprises, government, and institutional resources. The forum has become a platform for learning, growth, and innovation of China's manufacturing industry; A.Brain has established the first lean training base (Daochang) in China, with a professional manufacturing curriculum system. It has established training bases in Xi'an, Changchun, Shenyang and Nanjing, and pioneered the talent cultivation mode of Chinese manufacturing enterprises.

With the innovation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry as the leading role, Albury has launched an integrated intelligent manufacturing solution for lean digital production and operation management. We have developed SaaS series of industrial Internet products with lean management as the core and independent intellectual property rights, such as LFY: LDC, Leanct, and LOS, which have become the Internet service platform of big data industry in manufacturing industry.

With 21 years of practical management consulting technology experience in manufacturing industry, it has successfully provided lean management, intelligent manufacturing and other project services for more than 3000 enterprises and groups across the country, and provided consulting guidance and training services for more than 300000 manufacturers. The industry involves equipment manufacturing, rail transit, aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, power transmission and transformation, automobile and parts, electronics and appliances, home appliances, etc Home furnishing, food chemical industry, etc. the nature of the enterprise involves excellent enterprises such as central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and foreign capital.

The company has obtained a number of qualifications, representing the level of development strength of the company. For example, the national high-tech enterprises, the designated support organization for the "central enterprise management improvement" activity of the SASAC, the only designated compilation organization for the series of concise books on the management improvement of central enterprises, the security and confidentiality unit for the confidential business consulting service of military industry, the council unit of China service-oriented manufacturing innovation alliance, the postdoctoral research workstation, the copyright of China enterprise lean workshop system, and lean students The copyright of production and implementation system, the copyright of A.Brain lean integration, the copyright of A.Brain lean cost management, the copyright of A.Brain lean research and development methodology, and the professional institutions for the establishment of national intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet platform standards.

International cooperation and collaboration
A.Brain has set up branches in Singapore, Germany and Spain, promoting international communication and transformation for manufacturing industry.
  • 爱波瑞亚太机构负责人:CK Vishwakarma

    ·Founder, All Things Connected

    Manufacturing transformation in Asia-Pacific, promoting industry ecology and technology update.
  • 爱波瑞德国机构负责人:Philippe Gerwill

    ·Mentor, Global digital transformation

    Promoting edge-cutting industry innovation such as 5G, facilitating the European organization cooperation of abrain, as well as global cooperation and innovation.
  • 爱波瑞西班牙机构负责人:Javier Diaz

    ·CTO, Aingura IIOT, Etxe-Tar Group,Spain

    Promoting machinery tools application and service capacity, enhancing intelligence cooperation and coordinate w/ Spain and China.